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Hookstrip flat screens

Hookstrip flat screens are the series applied most widely at present. These products can be fit for all kinds of shale shakers that use the hookstrip flat screen. This screen panel is constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. Accessary rubber plugs may be inserted to the rips or tears of the screen. By doing this, we can cut down time and the production cost. We can supply hookstrip flat screens with mesh sizes ranging from 12 to 275.

Screen Model Pange of Mesh Dimension (Length x Width) Brand & Model Of Shaker Weight(Kg)
YHP-1 16-325 903×1155mm SWACO
YHP-2 16-325 1212×1141mm SWACO
YHP-3(PWP) 16-325 697×1050mm DERRICR
FLC500 Series
YHP-4(PWP) 16-325 697×1053mm DERRICR
YHP-5 16-325 697×846mm DERRICR
YHP-6(PWP) 16-325 915×1150mm BRANDT LCM-20 8.6
YHP-7(PWP) 16-325 720×1220mm KEMTRON
KTL48 Series
YHP-8(PWP) 16-250 700×1165mm S250 4.6
YHP-9 16-250 1186×1280mm ZX60 9.2


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